General Electric provided a complex of technologies for mining industry


The General Electric company developed the complex of Digital Mine technologies directed to increase in productivity, reliability and safety of work in mines. The presentation of a product took place at the MINExpo 2018 exhibition which took place in Las Vegas (USA) from September 26 to September 28.

According to the vice-president and the executive director of GE Mining Scott Phillips, mining as the industry faces a set of barriers and has to concentrate efforts on increase in productivity and reduction of operational expenses. We work with the biggest global manufacturers of construction equipment and machinery: more info

The product under the name Digital Mine (“The digital mine”) by means of sensors and analytics of the last generation provides intellectual monitoring in real time that allows to make reasonable decisions for increase in reliability of operation of the equipment and also optimization of processes and cost cutting.

According to the statement of the developer, Digital Mine implemented on the industrial GE Predix cloud platform is capable to catch and analyze earlier not involved data, such as volumes, speed and variability of these mechanisms on all industry.

The system traces characteristics of vibration, temperature and pressure and to timely inform operators on a condition of cars, allowing to find failures before their emergence.

Thanks to Predix data from separate sources develop together, the understanding of a vzimosvyaza between cars and processes gets better that is reflected in higher accuracy of forecasts and reduces probability of accidents.

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