Hong Kong Investment decision Visa for Hong Kong – One-Guy Companies Can Obtain Acceptance


We have lately experienced a pair of exciting Hong Kong expenditure visa ‘wins’ which fly in the encounter of the typically parlayed mantra that ‘one male firms in no way get approved’ by the HK Immigration Division (the “HKID”).

What follows can’t be said to utilize in each solitary occasion of a 1-guy only investment decision visa application for Hong Kong, but it does talk to the reality that these kinds of companies CAN in fact obtain an acceptance from the HKID – if only you have:

A compelling rationale for starting out as a one operator.
Easily available cash to commit at a level that is relatively greater than the bare least six months funds stream.
A dynamic in your enterprise prepare that is powerful or in any other case provides desirable or scarce ‘human capital’ to the HKSAR.
A manifestly evident intention to develop local positions sooner or later, if not immediately.
Your ducks or else fully lined up!

With the facts a bit altered to protect the confidentiality of our customers, below are the vital situation of two, different ‘one gentleman businesses’ which went on to secure the approval of the HKID under our counsel and with us taking care of the apps.

The 1st involved an inside layout providers specialist who experienced a couple of a long time prior residence in Hong Kong as an worker but was changing careers fully in becoming a member of in his new organization. Work Visa Application was ‘him’, for all intents and purposes but he did have some ‘family IP’ which he was bringing to the organization, which his father had utilized in a comparable loved ones business in the Uk for in excess of thirty years. While his father had retired some a long time earlier, he was appointed to the board of our client’s a single male minimal legal responsibility firm and was manifestly going to assist out his son out with counsel and advice. Throw in 12 months well worth of resources ready to invest, the assistance of specific HK contacts who indicated they would provide organization to this, at first, one particular gentleman procedure and a plan which plainly shown that if the development trajectory was achieved, new employment would be created as confident as night time follows working day, the HKID acquired into the argument and accepted the software with no more fuss than can be expected the place there are much larger scale expense plans for Hong Kong.

The next occasion took in a feminine mental wellness specialist in a occupation that does not require official registration in the HKSAR and who was seeking to set up a new exercise, having developed drained of operating in a present work in Hong Kong which was not in any way related with her true qualifications. As it took place, the commercial rationale for starting up the enterprise was always heading to be nebulous – she was the product, after all, and she only had a finite quantity of time that she could promote. Undoubtedly, at minimum a single regional work was to be created 4 months into the enterprise plan and the cash offered for expenditure was practically just adequate for set up and 6 months’ income circulation. However, her spot of knowledge was so powerful and in this kind of short source in the HKSAR, our advice was that the ‘substantial contribution’ aspect of the expenditure visa approvability examination need to be argued in the context of the help afforded to stressed out Hong Kong bankers and legal professionals and that her exercise was by no means heading to be a significant income spinner throwing off new employment left proper and centre. It labored and her visa was accepted in double-fast time.

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