Picking the Ideal Drinks Machine for Your Office

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coca cola supplier come in such an massive selection these days that deciding upon the right a single for your office can be a real headache. Do you go for fresh coffee or immediate drinks, totally automatic or self serve, coin operated, or no cost vend? And what about cold drinks, do you stick with the water cooler or go for can vending systems or syrup based machines?

Selecting an office coffee machine is not like deciding on a photocopier. Drinks machines require everyday care and sanitising by a designated member of staff and typical servicing by specialist engineers. The components will want to be topped up everyday, money collected and accounted for and supplies ordered nicely in advance.

Your choice need to initially be governed by the number of employees you want to serve with the machine, taking into account extra drinks essential by visitors and shoppers. A basic rule of thumb is to assume three hot drinks per day per workplace worker if he has to pay for the drinks himself (coin-controlled) or double that if you intend to have the machine on free-vend! If reality, there are now hybrid type machines that permit you to provide staff so numerous cost-free drinks per day and over and above that they have to pay but that is ideal left to the discussion with the salesman from the drinks firm.

As soon as you have a ball park figure for the quantity of drinks essential per day, the subsequent thing to make a decision is regardless of whether to go for fresh tea and coffee or instant drinks. Machines serving immediate coffee, tea and chocolate drinks are the least expensive to acquire, service and preserve as properly as possessing a reduced expense per cup for every drink served. The fresh-brew option gives superb tasting drinks but typically require significantly a lot more in the way of servicing and day to day care. With the latter solution a member of staff can be educated to appear after the simple upkeep duties of the machine but it is most likely to take maybe up to an hour a day of their time.

The next factor to make a decision is irrespective of whether to go free of charge vend or have employees and visitors spend for their drinks. No cost vend is a great perk to give your staff and visitors but clearly comes with considerable cost, despite the fact that you may perhaps discover improved productivity due to the fact of it particularly as it avoids time waiting for kettles to boil, brewers to finish and so on that may otherwise be the case. With coin controlled versions you can set the vend value to cover the cost of the machine, upkeep and ingredients to break even or possibly make a profit. (Make sure you account for VAT or sales tax on the selling price of the drinks as numerous providers overlook to do this).

Most models of drinks machines have a management switch to toggle involving free vend and coin controlled supply – this is a valuable feature and several organizations are selecting to switch more than to free of charge vend for the early starters and right after hour workers, but have regular coin manage for the duration of normal hours thereby rewarding the far more dedicated and punctual employees.

Probably the final factor to take into consideration prior to calling the drinks business is the position of the machine. This will of course depend upon the layout of your office. Do you want 1 key central position exactly where all the drinks are served from a bigger machine, or possibly have two or 3 smaller machines in a lot more practical places?

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