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The Retinol Cream by Puritan’s Pride gives you nourishing benefits consisting of Vitamin A as well as natural protective moisturizers that help soften the skin, smoothen and keep you looking young. The product can be found at puritans.com. According to amazon.com customer reviews, here are the cons and the pros.
The product is delivered fast and in the perfect condition once ordered, the packaging is also perfect. The user’s skin felt soft after using it for the first time as soon as the first morning of usage. The product smell is not harsh and was perfect for her skin.
The product price is affordable compared to other products with the same amount of retinol. Product works great too.
Product felt nice on the skins, left the skin feeling light and in perfect condition.
Product can be used as a wrinkle killer instead of using other expensive creams.
Users loved the product because it left her skin feeling refreshed, it dries fast on skin enabling her to apply make up easily. Skin has not had any issues since she started using it.
The product is not allergic to users and can be used as often as possible, it also lasts a long way.
It is perfect to use during the winter when the air is very dry, it moisturizes the face and around the eyes as well. User felt soft and cleared up any acne she had click over here.
User felt that the cream had no changes on her skin even after using the whole jar.
User complained of its unpleasant strong smell and she couldn’t stand it.
User was disappointed with product due to fragrance as well. User complained of the combination of its ingredients that were used.
User did not remove her wrinkles as expected, the strong fragrance was an issue as well.
Product leaves a bad taste on the lips if applied on, makes food items taste like the cream itself.
Cream seems to linger even after washing hands.

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