Scentsy Candles Overview – ‘Hot’ Home Primarily based Company Or Not?

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This review will give you the facts about Scentsy Candles and my personal recommendation for any one taking into consideration joining Scentsy. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

What Precisely Is Scentsy?

Scentsy Candles is a network promoting/ direct sales enterprise whose core solution is candles. Having said that, these are not ordinary candles. They are flameless candles, composed of a unique wax, that melts working with a low watt bulb. The candles have gained huge reputation simply because they not only smell excellent, but there is no soot, smoke or residue left behind. You can buy candles from Scentsy as a buyer or you can participate in earning commission as a consultant. I’ll talk a lot more about this later.

The corporation went live in 2004 and has seen steady growth ever because. They have accomplished over $one hundred million in sales in 2009, operate in more than three nations and have more than 35,000 independent consultants. So if you are questioning if this is a lucrative business, the answer would be completely yes. I believe the corporation has had wonderful good results not just simply because of the exclusive item, but since of the overall values. Not every direct sales company focuses on the individuals and they ultimately die. On the other hand, with Scentsy, they encourage a
friendly and playful atmosphere for their consultants.

Let’s Talk Dollars & Cents

One aspect of Scentsy that you are likely very curious about is the compensation program. Following all, we get into this business to make a lot of dollars appropriate? Well with Scentsy they will pay you 30% on personal sales and 9% on your entire downline volume. There are eight distinct levels of the compensation structure you can attain, but you can only move up when
your volume increases.

So how significantly to join Scentsy Candles? It charges $99 to join. For this fee you get a starter kit that includes a consultant handbook, 80 party tester candles, 100 company cards, one hundred postcards, one hundred order types, 50 catalogs, 1 room spray, your very first candle kit and three months for your individual website. Not a massive price to spend for all that material.

Is A Complete Time Earnings With Scentsy Feasible?

Completely. But this only happens in time. You have currently realized that this business has put up some big-time annual figures. To create a full time revenue in this firm it must be a extended term goal of yours. You will have to expose the solution and business to persons every single single day and keep really committed. Prosperous consultants in related firms like Avon, did not get to the top rated overnight. If scentsy uk burners consider this market can get your rich swift, then you are far better off not even trying.

To be perfectly honest I like this firm. I like their vision and the atmosphere the owners have designed. But do not let this ‘good feeling’ deceive you. You will have to talk to persons and work at it. As soon as you start out to get some momentum, make confident you are training your downline. You really should also ask your self if you can completely support the solution? If you cannot, then do not bother joining Scentsy. You will have to be in a position to support the product even if you weren’t linked to the compensation plan.

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