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Scentsy is a direct selling, wickless candle organization headquartered in Meridian, Idaho. Scentsy markets candle merchandise to females that are interested in generating extra money from residence via party’s. This is not a new or groundbreaking technique of generating sales, but Scentsy has a fantastic item line and they are capable to keep competitive with low rates and excellent products.

Scentsy is owned by Orville and Heidi Thompson and sells its items through a field sales force of 40,000 independent sales representatives known as independent Scentsy Consultants. Scentsy markets wickless candles and other solutions including candle warmers, room sprays, auto candles, travel tins, plug in warmers, and more than 80 various scented waxes.

scentsy shooting star kit do they offer you good goods but, Scentsy offers a single of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. Lets speak about what to anticipate When you join Scentsy.

Initially you get the starter kit which includes more than $200 in product all for only $99. This kit consists of item samples and literature to successfully host a household party.

Second you get a corporation replicated web page that tracks you and your teams sales and commissions. This is a free service for three months and then it fees $10 month-to-month. This service is typically $20 – $40 monthly with other providers.

Scentsy boasts up to 25% commissions on your individual sales and 9% commissions on your downline’s sales. This seems terrific, even so you require to study the fine print on commissions. You have to personally sell (or invest in) $150 in a quarter, this is compounded by the reality that it has to be in a single month from that quarter. 3 months in a row of $50 does not count. To earn commissions on your group, you must be a Lead Consultant to qualify. A Lead Consultant is a person who has the $500 personal and $1000 in group wholesale volume in a month and one particular active frontline Scentsy Consultant (1st level). This is not the 9% spoke of above, at this level you earn two% from your downline and this is the third level of consultant. You have to make it to the sixth level to get the full 9% commission.

I do think that Scentsy is a terrific enterprise to be involved in. I do nonetheless know that teams capable of generating the 9% commissions are challenging to develop. Do you know what it takes to personally sponsor ten-30 reps a week? Scentsy is a excellent corporation, they have two points that always stand out, a solution that doesn’t rely on any other solution to perform, and a wonderful loved ones oriented firm.

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